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Palm Beach Countywide GIS Forum Annual Holiday Bake Off

Each year the GIS Forum hosts the “Palm Beach Countywide GIS Forum Annual Holiday Bake Off” as part of our holiday meeting. Prizes are awarded for first, second and third places. Free parking will be given to those that GISDayCakeparticipate in the Bake-Off contest. A panel of volunteer judges (who have not entered a dessert) are eligible for ‘tasting’ each entry and scoring their top 3 favorites. You may enter any homemade, non-store-bought, dessert. Without identifying yourself (umm, don’t write your name), contestants will need to provide a ‘dessert name’ so the judges (and your hungry peers) can identify what they are tasting. To make it easy for us to share your dessert, please bring a serving utensil.

The ‘Bake Off’ desserts will be placed together on a table and labeled by letter A, B, C… Judges, armed with a healthy appetite, pen and paper will take one sample of each dessert. (note: judges will get to grab their lunch ahead of the crowd in order to finish before dessert tasting). Each judge will then taste EVERY dessert and record their top 3 favorites, essentially scoring a 1st through 3rd place. Once all of our judges have added one sample of each dessert to their plate we open up the dessert table for attendees.

Once our judges finish up their ‘sampling’ and score their top three desserts. Points are then tallied up and our top three ‘Bake Off’ contestants are awarded prizes.

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